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As more and more people are turning towards cabinetry for better kitchen organization and décor, the rise of white kitchen cabinets has been very clearly apparent. The color white has always had a huge fan following in terms of décor.And now that it is has made its way into the kitchen, people are leaving almost no stones unturned to make the most of white kitchen cabinets.

In this blog, we will be talking about how you can showcase your unique set of white shaker cabinets with the help of other kitchen additions. Certainly, a mere set of white cabinets will not help you give your kitchen an impressive appeal on its own. So, in order to do so, there are many additions you can make in order to uplift your kitchen décor.

Here are 6 additions you can opt for:

  1. Colored Porcelain tiles on the Wall: Adding this characteristic of contrast enhances any décor, not just your kitchen. However, since we are talking about kitchen here, covering the walls with colored porcelain tiles, be it green or blue, of regular square shapes or other designs, will surely enhance both the cabinetry and the wall itself. White shaker cabinets due to their vintage appeal will add to the overall old-world vibe making your kitchen resemble those from classic English novels.

  1. A wooden Floor: Wood has always been associated with vintage. If you are one of those who do not prefer an all-white appearance, opting for a wooden floor adds the perfect warmth to your kitchen. While your white shaker wholesale kitchen cabinets will adorn the walls, the wood will provide the contrast while adding to the old-world charm. The wooden finish also makes it easier to clean.

  1. Hold monotony at bay with a colored Island: Too much of white might make your kitchen monotonous and overwhelming. If you have a kitchen island, a great way to add contrast, as mentioned in the first point, is to give it a different color. Be it of quartz, or marble, there is a variety of colors you can opt for, for example, wood, dark or black, gray or mid-tone, and many more. This will prove the island to be a great complement for your white shaker kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, a kitchen island more often is found in larger kitchens. The fact that white adds to the illusion of more space, the colored island will give the kitchen space a cozier appeal.

  1. Marble Countertops: Marble is another name for Class. But without the cost. Quite affordable along with great looks and finish, opting for a marble countertop will do good taking eyes off the white for some moments. While white shaker cabinets will cover your walls, you can opt for a warm, cherry-colored wholesale cabinetdesign as the lower cabinetry for your countertop. This will give your kitchen a transitional appeal without compromising the vintage look.

  1. Exposed brick backsplash: Many might be taken aback at this option, but this does have a great appeal for the overall kitchen. Bricks naturally have the old-world charm and the color, which is a perfect blend of red and brown, serves as a great contrast for your white wholesale kitchen cabinet design. The contrast is very much palpable but at the same time adds to the kitchen’s overall vintage vibe.

  1. Wooden furniture: Last but not the least, wooden furniture with natural texture is a great way to complement your white shaker cabinets. A couple of wooden chairs or even stools not only allow you to sit and chat while sipping coffee upon your island, but they also act as showpieces of your kitchen. Who can tell, they might even allow your guests to sit and admire your white cabinetry.

White shaker cabinets are a great way to enhance your kitchen décor. However, these 6 additions will further let you showcase them in a better manner.

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