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Located in the North County Inland area of San Diego County Poway real estate has become popular among homebuyers looking for a bit more. Larger lots, larger homes, room for horses, and room to breath best define Poway real estate. A haven amidst the bustle of San Diego communities, Poway real estate offers low crime, superb schools, and desirable homes. But what should you expect if you buy into this area? Home prices, home styles, local lifestyle, and buyer tips are all things you should know before leaping into the hot San Diego real estate game.

Home Styles and Prices in Poway Real Estate
As prices in the San Diego housing market go, Poway real estate is pretty affordable. Typical 3/2 detached single family homes start around $400,000 and go up from there. In 2007 so far, the medium price of these homes ranged from $900,000 to $1.2 million. The good news for potential buyers of Poway real estate is that the average prices have fallen while the average numbers of days on the market has increased in the past 6 months from 45 days to 70 days. This could mean more motivated sellers and reduced home prices for some lucky buyers.

The homes for sale in Poway real estate are likely to be roomier than what you’ll find in a lot of San Diego communities. The lots are larger; many people buy Poway real estate for their love of horses and desire for room to ride. This is a bedroom community with predominantly middle class and above professionals and families.

The residents of Poway real estate are well-educated and place a value on good education. 93% of locals in the Poway real estate community have a high school diploma or more. And almost 40% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The public schools available to Poway real estate owners are the best California has to offer; they are ranked in the 90th percentile of California schools.

Lifestyle Surrounding Poway Real Estate
In addition to equestrian’s amenities, the community around Poway real estate offers options to outdoor lovers of every sort. Lake Poway is a lovely retreat surrounded by lush hillsides and fragrant eucalyptus groves. Poway real estate owners hike, sail, fish and camp in this welcoming outdoor oasis year-round. The Blue Sky Ecological Reserve is a protected habitat open to the public and staffed with a full-time naturalist. Everyone from school-age children on field trips, to seniors enjoying the sight of chaparral and animals in their natural habitats, has a reason to enjoy this Poway real estate gem.

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