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Portable on demand moving containers are newer moving and storage items that many moving companies like Flyttebyrå Oslo offer. Instead of arranging for a moving truck to pack, drive and unload your belongings, people can choose the cheaper, more flexible route. Homeowners can rent pod moving containers that give them the option of packing and loading household items themselves instead of paying movers to do the job.

Many moving companies now offer these portable storage units so that people have the choice of moving conveniently and economically. One such company, Pack-Rat® has units that are spacious storage units that are available for people who need to move a lot of items. There are two generous sizes available to choose from: 12 feet and 16 feet storage units. Twelve feet containers can hold up to two rooms of furniture and sixteen feet containers can hold three or four rooms.

As with all portable storage units, free quotes are usually available to give customers an idea of how much each pod costs. Pack-Rat® containers are the only money back guaranteed pods on the market, so customers can feel confident they are getting an effective product. The containers can be shipped to customers within 24 hours, so there is no extended wait time.

Pack-Rat® pods are designed to keep their customer’s valuables safe and secure during the entire moving process. The steel container is constructed to keep the entire structure from getting damaged from vandals or the elements. Not too many thieves will be bold enough to tamper with a metal container, but they cannot get in even if they try.

The customer is the only one who has the key and no one else can access the container either at the house or in Pack-Rat’s® storage facility. People can focus on moving without worrying about if their valuables are okay or not. The unit can be conveniently stored in the driveway or on the garage as customers can pack their containers on their own schedule.

Pack-Rat® pod moving containers offer their customers plenty of space and flexibility to work with. The units are secure, climate controlled and sufficient to hold a large amount of furniture and boxes. Many people gravitate toward pod containers because of the way the units are stored and transported while remaining level the whole time. Homeowners can trust their precious belongings to a company that keeps furniture and fragile items from damage and breakage.

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