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When moving house, getting things stacked strategically in a well organized manner are actually no big deal if you plan and do things systematically and practical manner. Start packing at least six weeks ahead of time and begin with things that you do not use on a daily basis. Go through your knick-knacks and discard what you do not need. Remember that the smaller things take longer than the bigger ones to pack. Here are a few tips that will help you get by without much ado.

Make sure that you choose regular sized boxed that are easy to carry and have them taped correctly. You could be sure that regular sized boxes with make maximum use of the van space. If you run out of boxes you could use bags for clothes, linen and soft toys. These could be stuffed anywhere where there is space. The basic rule is to put the biggest object into the box first and then fill the balance space with other smaller objects. You will find that it is easier to pack books than to pack oddly shaped objects like ornaments, curios, etc. You could place some clothing amid these oddly shaped ornaments, as it would lend a cushioning effect and unfilled spaces could be filled up with some ordinary casual clothing.

All fragile items and dishes, etc should be carefully packed in boxes and labeled. Photo frames and mirrors could be bubble wrapped and carefully placed into boxes. Make sure that every box and bag is labeled as this will help when you are unpacking and you will be able to set up house faster as you will easily find what you are looking for. Try to get some professional help to pack major appliances for if they are not packed correctly they may not work when reassembled. If you have the original packing in which the appliance arrived in use the same. Go on-line or use the instruction manual for packing instructions. If you have an appliance that contains ink or tones pack these in a separate bag, seal it and put it in the same box as the appliance.

Fragile items and heavy furniture and appliances are notoriously difficult to pack and move items. Check out the infographic below for tips on how to move these, and more!

Colorado Springs apartment movers

Infographic provided by iHaul iMove, Colorado Springs apartment movers

Once you are done with the packing you should plan how the truck should be loaded. Place some of the heaviest objects right inside the truck in the interior most part and keep some to be loaded on the opposite end in order to balance the weight. Make sure all boxes are placed upright. Always use mattress covers to avoid rips and tears. Place items like ski poles that have been taped together and dismantled bed frames inside your carpet before you roll it up and tape it together. The carpet can then be placed on the floor. Keep the lightest boxes on top of the heavier ones. Do not do things in a hurry and try to be as methodical as possible. Finally if you are transporting an object of immense value you will do well to see that it is insured.

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