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Crowned by locals as the jewel of San Diego La Jolla real estate is admired as the pinnacle of luxurious coastal living. Just north of San Diego and less than two miles south of Los Angeles the La Jolla real estate offerings are reclusive, high-end, and fantastic. What makes this area so desirable? It’s a combination of natural beauty, community make-up, and local offerings.

Natural Beauty of La Jolla Real Estate

La Jolla real estate is set away from the hustle and bustle of downtown San Diego. Minutes from the Pacific Ocean homebuyers lucky enough to buy La Jolla real estate enjoy the solitude of rolling terrain and the comfort of million dollar homes. The temperature surrounding La Jolla real estate is near perfect with 75 degree summer days and winter nights dipping only as low as 50 degrees. Nature lovers, golfers, swimmers, surfers, fishers and boaters can all enjoy their La Jolla real estate year-round.

Style and Make-up of La Jolla Real Estate

Both the style of homes offered in La Jolla real estate and the community make-up add to the area’s appeal. From Birdrock to La Jolla Shores the homes offer tropical landscaping, Spanish-themed architecture, and individual accents. But the real charm of the community is how the plush coastal abodes work with seaside shops, restaurants, and amenities to create a cozy community feeling.

La Jolla real estate is home to the nation’s elite. The wealthiest home owners in the nation buy La Jolla real estate. In fact, the average median household income is $95,000- almost double that of the nation overall. And the median home value in La Jolla is $664,000. The mean sell price for a 3/2 is somewhere around $1.7 million. These homes sell at a premium.

Part of this is attributed to the high-tech biotechnology industry near La Jolla real estate. Several companies, including Johnson & Johnson, are located here. The community is very well-educated; so crime is low and public education is among the best in California.

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