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Waist packs have been popular, particularly amongst tourists, since they were first introduced in the 1980s. In recent years there has been resurgence in their use as fashion items as well as convenient storage accessories. Regularly worn by both men and women, they are also increasingly seen as fun items for children. As a result, there is now a huge range of fanny packs for kids.

They are available to buy in a range of bright colors, which can be very appealing to children. There are also some, which are specially designed by companies such as Disney. These are naturally very popular, as kids tend to always have a favorite character from movies and television shows. Fanny packs such as these are very obviously worn with pride as fashionable accessories.

However, they are a functional as well as a fashionable use. Just as a tourist might use their concealed pack to safely store money or an expensive camera, children will often keep their most prized possessions in theirs. This could be a favorite toy, some candy, or it may also be a few dollars which they have saved. The attraction of fanny packs for kids is that they provide a secretive storage space, which is personal for each child.

Whilst children will often regard their waist bags as fun accessories, they can also prove to be very useful. For example, families often like to go on hikes together, and a “Bum Bag” as they are know in England, could be used to store a bottle of water. In fact, in many families members each have one of their own. Often when they are used for outdoor pursuits in this way fanny packs will be made from a different material to the traditional nylon. For example, they will typically have a special waterproof coating.

They are actually available in a variety of materials. Many fanny packs for women are made from leather to enhance the stylishness of their design. This also makes them very durable. Alternatively, some fanny packs are covered in an artificial fur, which is another style popular with children. In general, most designs will be available in a range of sizes to suit the needs of both adults and children. The fact that the straps are adjustable also means that they can be configured to fit children of different ages and sizes.

One of the benefits for kids is that they can provide an excellent method of teaching responsibility. Children are able to learn to keep items safe in a way which they perceive to be fun. They enjoy having a fanny pack in which they can store their personal possessions. It is this sense of fun which they provide, combined with their general usefulness, which will ensure that fanny packs will always remain a popular accessory amongst children.

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