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Families are spending more time in their backyards. They are looking into fresh outdoor landscaping ideas. The patio is an additional living space and with great landscaping patio design can add tons of value to your home.

Outdoor Landscaping Plants

When choosing a new design for your backyard space it is important to find outdoor landscaping plants that are native to your area that can tolerate the your weather. In the moderate temperatures of Southern California many types of plants flourish without much care. But in the harsher northern parts of the U.S., where there are definite seasons, weather tolerant plants need to be considered. The perennials are great because they go dormant in the winter and then pop in the spring bringing color to your outdoor landscape.

Landscaping Patio Design

Potted plants are the mainstay of landscaping patio design. Find artful pots and plant dwarf trees that produce beautiful fall colors. A small pond and waterfall with koi and water-lilies can be a soothing addition to any patio landscape. A wood-burning chimney can add warmth to an intimate gathering.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

A well designed outdoor kitchen will set the scene for memorable entertaining. Having everything you need conveniently located to grill and cook for your guests allows you to be a part of the patio party.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Landscaping patio design also requires casual a sitting area to visit with guests on a cool evening. It is important to find sturdy, long lasting, weather resistant furniture to go with your newly designed landscape. Patio furniture comes in many styles from formal to very casual. Teak patio furniture can look both formal and casual. Iron grill furniture takes on a very formal and stately look.

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