Baby Shower Decorations – Creative Yet Reasonably Priced

Baby shower is an important occasion for celebrating pregnancy and for welcoming the imminent arrival of your baby and you would certainly like to make possible baby shower decorations. Obviously, you wouldn’t mind spending whatever is necessary to have the best possible decorations. However, it’s not necessary that the most expensive decorations would be the best. On the other hand, if you use your imagination and creativity you can have the best baby shower decorations without spending much money. These decorations will set the mood for a wonderful party that everyone will enjoy.

Decoration Ideas – Balloons

Balloons can be used to great advantage for decorations in any party, especially for pregnancy celebration. What you need to do is to use the balloons artfully and creatively. This is, perhaps, the cheapest way of decorating any party and if you wish to make further savings, you can purchase the balloons from your local store rather than from party stores. Some balloon decoration ideas are given below.

Get some helium balloons and tie them to an anchor. Each bunch of balloons should have odd numbers of balloons. You can also place a lot of baby items on each table and tie a bunch of balloons to the table. The baby items could include lotions, shampoos, diaper packs, soft toys, wipes etc. Balloons can also be tied to the bigger gift items such as cribs or strollers. The colors of the balloons should be chosen according to the sex of the expectant baby. You can honor the expectant mother by tying bunches of balloons to her chair and treating her like a queen.

Umbrellas And Tubs

Baby shower decorations can also be accomplished by using tubs and umbrellas. There are a number of decorative ideas in this regard. You can find a tub which should look like a whale and you can pour clear punch in it. You can also put a small rubber duck in it. The tub can also be used to put all sorts of wrapped presents. The presents could include shampoos, diapers, washcloths and lotions.

You can combine balloons and tubs in the decorative process and create wonderful decorations. When you put balloons in the tub, you’ll get the feeling of floating bubbles. You can also tie bunches of balloons to the tub at various places and create a colorful extravaganza.

Baby shower decorations are meant to herald the impending arrival of a baby in the family and as such it is essential that you should give your creative brain cells a free run. You can experiment with various decorative ideas and see how each one works out. You have to work hard both physically and mentally in order to get the best decorative effect.

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