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Everyone goes through a phase in their life when they sit back look at their kitchen and think to themselves, should I renovate my Kitchen? Most people consider this every few years, some every few months. You are not alone when you think of renovating or updating your kitchen.

When you think of renovating most people only consider the main features, like counter tops, floors, and walls. There are many aspects to think of when it comes down to your renovating your kitchen. Your kitchen has many, MANY aspects to think about. We’re going to run through that list to remind you that, there are lots of ways to improve your kitchen, not just three.

The Kitchen Renovation Run Down From The Ground Up:

Floors – One of the most basic renovations, but still very visually stunning if done properly.

Bottom Cabinets – Your bottom cabinets are often left plain, because most people consider them “unseen” however, bottom cabinets can still carry as much visual weight as the kitchen floor and the upper cabinets.

Table and Chairs – though technically in the dining room, in many homes these rooms are the same, or are right beside each other separated by a pony wall. With such a large amount of space being used, your table and chairs control a lot of visual weight between these two rooms.

Countertops – one of the most visually commanding elements in a kitchen, it takes a lot of abuse so you need to think carefully and select a countertop for more than just appearance.

Pots and pans – It’s a kitchen, your allowed to show off your cooking utensils, especially when you have fancy utensils. Hang up your pots and pans; show off your spatulas and ladles.

Walls – though less visually weighted, in the kitchen compared to other rooms, your walls color and texture, and in some special cases, shape can accent a kitchens visual experience.

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