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Are you looking for a great new look in your home but don’t really know what decorating style to go for? Here are five popular decorating styles and their basic looks which might help you choose a style that’s right for you.

1. Cottage Style

The cottage decorating style is great if you want a relaxed and informal feeling. Many people think that you need to be by the beach to adopt this type of style but that is simply not true, you can pull it off no matter where you live. This style is characterized by light crisp colors and informal accessories. Organic rugs, slip covers on the furniture, and vintage items are often used to enhance the style. Of course, it also incorporates elements of the seaside in its artwork and accessories – if you love to collect shells the cottage decorating style is perfect for you since you have many places to display them.

2. Country Decorating

The country decorating style has been a classic for ages and is a great style for people who like to collect primitive antiques. The style is characterized by more earthy tones as well as more organic items. It is plain in style with furniture and window treatments that have clean straight lines. Many people love the style because of the subtle look of milk paint that is often used on the furniture and accessories. Country decorating goes good with painted wood or stained wood and is great if you like to use a lot of baskets and wooden containers.

3. Rustic Decorating

The rustic interior design ideas is perfect for people who love the outdoors. Here you will find outdoor items brought inside such as old skis, birds nests, plants and even furniture and chandeliers made out of twigs, branches and antlers. Often times you will find that the style reminds you of a log cabin or large but you don’t have to have that type of a home in order to use it. Typical colors of the rustic decorating style are earth tones.

4. Southwestern Decorating Style

The South Western decorating style is eclectic and interesting. Often using native Southwestern rugs, you can have this style with reds and blacks or go for more pastel of aquas and peaches. While rugs and accessories might be colorful, the wall paint should really be a more neutral color and often white looks best. Using Southwestern pottery and plenty of wrought iron accessories and wall hangings will lend authenticity to this style even if you don’t live in the Southwest.

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